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  • The ANTROPO chair, designed by Wojciech Mierzwa in collaboration with the Swedish company SCULPTUR, is an example of a new category of circular products.

    Manufactured using 3D printing technology with advanced robotics and modern recycled material, it is a masterpiece of design where the production process is easily discernible. The fluid lines of the backrest and seat, along with the chair's circular profile, reflect the philosophy of a closed-loop system. This piece suggests that we are dealing with a next-generation product.

    Although its form is unlike anything familiar from our surroundings, it feels like an object made for human use and comfort.

    The gently concave seat and contoured backrest invite you in and appear comfortable. The material's flexibility, its scent, and its ergonomics create a humanistic piece of furniture where the three dimensions are modernity, humanity, and ecology.


    4 990,00 złCena
    estimated delivery time: 6 weeks
    • 4-6 weeks

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